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Nanyang Oriental Applied Chemical Research Institute, a domestic famous private applied chemical research institution, was established in 2007. In 2013, it was approved as the engineering technology research center in Nanyang for comprehensive utilization of non metallic mineral. The institute is located in Changjiang east road in Nanyang city; the pilot study and industrial experiment base are located in Anpeng chemical professional park in Tongbai county. The institute has 46 of technical personnel engaged in different specialties, including 3 professors, 18 senior engineers, 13 engineers. The main research direction is the comprehensive utilization of industrial waste, water and soil pollution control, water and soil remediation, comprehensive utilization of metal ore and non-metallic mineral, wet metallurgy, inorganic chemical industry etc.. The related research institutions include the comprehensive utilization research center for industrial waste, water and soil remediation research center, metallic and non-metallic minerals comprehensive utilization research center, hydrometallurgy laboratory, inorganic chemical research center, test center, pilot study and industrial test base, project department and so on, with strong scientific and technological strength as well as the ability for scientific and technological project. For many years, Nanyang Oriental application of chemical research aims at environmental protection services, the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, and the development of chemical industry. We are constantly strengthening the scientific and technological foundation and enhancing the scientific research strength. We are well-grounded, and always take a correct attitude towards studying and emphasis on practice. We provide a reliable and strong technical support for the relevant industry, with a rigorous, honest, pragmatic style and one hundred percent of the technical success rate.

The dynamic of science and technology

Boron compounds production technology

Magnesium compounds production technology

Other chemicals production technology

[2015-05-14]A Major Breakthrough in the Comprehensive Utilization of Fly Ash Technology Rese
[2015-05-13]Serpentine utilization of new technology in our institue successfully passed the
[2012-04-28]Lead Borate
[2012-04-28]Ammonium Borate
[2012-04-28]Boron-potassium Compound Micro-fertilizer: Potassi
[2012-04-28]Agricultural Instant Boric Acid
[2012-04-28]Technology of Disposing Szaibelyite Ore with Hydro
[2012-04-28]Technology of Disposing Natural Borax Ore with Nit
[2012-04-28]Technology of Preparing Borax Pentahydrate with Bo
[2012-04-28]Technology of Preparing High Quality Boric Acid By
[2012-04-28]Technology of Using Ulexite Ore as Raw Material to
[2012-04-28]Technology of Preparing Borax Pentahydrate with Bo
[2016-01-21]Technique program on the comprehensive utilization of fly-ash
[2016-01-21]Technique program on the comprehensive utilization of fly-ash
[2013-07-19]The production technology of the high value-added magnesium compound, battery gr
[2012-04-28]Technology of Producing Flame-retardant Grade Magn
[2012-04-28]Production Technology of Preparing High Value-adde
[2012-04-28]Preparing High-purity Magnesium Oxide with Magnesi
[2013-12-30]Full hydrometallurgy with environment-friendly technology for nickel laterite
[2012-04-28]Zinc Stearate Production Technology
[2012-04-28]Zinc Stearate Production Technology
[2012-04-28]Production of High-purity Ferric Oxide with Ferric
[2012-04-28]Technology of Preparing Nickel Sulfate with Nickel
[2012-04-28]Supply of Fluoride Salt Production Technology

Biochemical production technology

Wet metallurgy technology

Industrial waste comprehensive utilization technology


Xiao Jingbo:?Famous boron and magnesium compound expert, deputy chief of Boride Expert Group, Inorganic Acid, Alkali and Sodium Professional Committee, Chemical Industry and Engineering Society, associate editor of Boron Compound Production and Application, and winner of Chinese Boron Industry New ...

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